Feeling at home ... away from home

Cà 'd Langa

At the number 2 of borgata Giacosa in Treiso there is a small B&B called Cà ‘d Langa.
In a co
untry house overlooking a closed courtyard, a few step away from the center of the village, close to Alba, to Neive and Barbaresco, in short just in the heart of the Langhe.
Ours is a simple and ge
nuine hospitality of those who consider the B&B as a natural extension of their home and guests first as friends and then as customers.
Our offer is generous but never ostentatious, just as our pea
sant tradition wants.
Come and visit us... We are waiting for you!

Bed & Breakfast

Pian Téra

At the “Pian Tera”, the grand floor, there is a country fireplace, that warms and cheers a wide living room... so a vivid and cosy atmosphere! The apartment is completed by an old fashioned double bedroom, poor art style.... you will still sleep in an amazing iron wrought bed, typical of the Langa houses.

Pian Dzora

“Pian Dzora” is, in fact, the apartment on the first floor.... from its “lòbia”, the long and narrow balcony of the farmhouses, you’ll be able to see at the bell tower of Treiso. The comfortable living room, the quiet bedroom conveniently furnished will guarantee you a relaxing holiday.



By the way…. Langhe hills are really a great place! To live there or just for a holiday, a weekend…. to look for great wines, excellent foods, landscapes and magical atmospheres.
Now even the Unesco recognized it officially: we are in a place regarded as World Heritage. What a satisfaction for the people of the “Malora” (the hard life in Piedmontese dialect)! We have become important and our beautiful, priceless things, but never displayed, now travel all around the world!p>